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Contact Information


Click here to send mail to Juan at juanpineda.com


1 (240) 230-6109 (USA direct)


+1 (206) 203-2131

Law Office:

Abagado Juan Pineda
Barrio Las Acacias
2 Avenida, 13 calle
Casa No 43
San Pedro Sula, Cortés

Note The phone numbers all connect to Honduras. To dial numbers from outside Honduras, dial your international access number (in the USA this is normally 011), the 504 country code for Honduras, and then the seven or eight digit number.

The USA direct number can be dialed as a domestic call from within the United States. The toll charge from the United States will be the same as for any other call to the 240 US area code.

When mailing our offices, please use a private carrier, such as DHL, Fedex or Gigante Express. The national mail service is unreliable.

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