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Juan R. Pineda & Associates provide complete legal services and notary services for business and individuals that need a Honduras lawyer. We provide legal services for non-citizens or Honduran nationals inside or outside of Honduras.

We can assist in citizenship and immigration issues, including residency visas, gaining citizenship, or renouncing citizenship.

Thank you for visiting Juan Pineda & Associates, Honduras Law Offices. We appreciate the opportunity to provide for your legal needs in Honduras.

Important Foreign legal settlements—such as business contracts, child support, or divorce agreements—from another country may apply in Honduras. However, liens, injunctions, and forfeiture or confiscation of wages or property in Honduras must be litigated and applied by courts in Honduras according to Honduran law. These processes take time and nearly always incur court and attorney fees. These fees are assumed by a client as they are incurred unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Note This Web site is not supported by advertising. We regret that we have only sufficient time and resources to work with and advise clients. We will appreciate your understanding that we are unable to provide free legal advice.

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