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Additional Information

Juan Pineda & Associates provide general legal services for both Honduran nationals and non-nationals inside or outside of Honduras. Our goal is to provide high-quality services at reasonable cost. We assess what needs to be done, and get the job done at the agreed rate of billing or explain why it cannot be done. We do not charge you for work that we cannot perform, and we do not add spurious charges that have no relation to the services that we perform.

Be aware, as in other countries, contested litigation can take time in Honduras, with court fees and considerable time invested by attorneys on both sides of a case. When clients have resources, attorneys involved in a case may file spurious motions and take other actions to delay the outcome and increase the cost of a case. These processes often eliminate legal recourse for individuals with limited resources.

Citizenship Services

We provide legal services for acquiring or renouncing Honduran citizenship. We are aware of problems with dual citizenship obtained in Honduras during past years, especially with regard to Asian nationals. We can provide legal services to renounce Honduran citizenship for those who participated in this program but now must eliminate dual citizenship to conform to the laws of their home country. We can determine your current status and work for you to eliminate Honduran citizenship.

Adoption in Honduras

Most adoptions for infants are made through the Honduran Children and Family Institute (Instituto Hondureño del Niño y la Familia, also known as "IHNFA"). For more information, see our Web page about Adoption. In some cases, Juan Pineda can assist with legal adoptions, especially for older children when family members in other countries or in Honduras are adopting children to whom they are related.