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All payments to and from international clients or vendors are charged in US dollar amounts unless indicated otherwise. For your convenience, we can bill and accept credit card payments over the Internet. You can also use a PayPal account to pay for legal services. Payments for routine legal services in Honduras can be made in the local currency.

We can also accept cashier checks sent to the address shown on the Contact page. Please keep in mind that checks or other forms of payment sent through the mail may be "lost" by the mail services. We recommend that correspondence as well as cashier checks be sent by a private courier, such as Gigante Express in Miami or DHL. Please use appropriate methods of insurance and tracking, as we cannot be responsible for payments lost in transit.

Important Foreign legal settlements—such as business contracts, child support, or divorce agreements—by a court in another country may apply in Honduras. However, liens, injunctions, and forfeiture or confiscation of property in Honduras must be litigated and applied by courts in Honduras according to Honduran law. These processes take time and often incur court and attorney fees that are to be paid by a client as they are incurred.

Translation If you require legal services in Honduras but do not speak Spanish, we recommend that you have a Spanish-speaking translator available to handle transactions with your Honduran attorney. We can provide a Honduran translator at cost. If you prefer to communicate directly in English with a Honduran attorney, the US consulate in Honduras can provide a list of English-speaking lawyers in Honduras.